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A New Low-Tech Method For Effectively Concentrating Solar Energy

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Our low tech method for effectively concentrating solar energy utilizes a concept for
power plants that will operate with a cost of ownership orders of magnitude less than
any current competing solar and non-solar technologies, including nuclear, coal,
natural gas, PV, or optical focusing.

·        This method, which is based on widely accepted rules of physics and
thermodynamics, is capable of providing a major portion of the U.S. electrical
energy needs in a renewable manner.

·        The method will emit no greenhouse gases, including no CO2.  One
embodiment may remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  It allows wildlife habitats to be
restored.  It is anticipated that it will reduce global warming.

·        The cost to build these plants is approximately equivalent to the cost of
constructing similarly sized existing power plants.  Cost of operation is lower.           

·        The concept provides for direct energy to AC power conversion.  DC to AC is
not required.  It also includes an integrated energy storage system.  

·        The concept is scalable to large power plants; it gets more efficient as it gets

·        As plant size increases, the amount of solar collection increases in a squared
manner as opposed to a linear manner.

·        Power plant equipment consists of simple standard technology components.  It
is not necessary to develop new technology to run the power plants.

·        Equipment maintenance cost is low due to the low-tech simplicity of the

·        Our solar collectors are also of simple low-tech construction technology and
are inexpensive to build, as compared to existing concentrating solar collectors.

·        These plants can be located almost anywhere in the world.  

·        The plants do NOT require optical focusing equipment, which has severe
problems with degradation.

·        The plants do NOT require high temperatures to operate which can constrict
plant size, which has losses due to insulation limitations, and which is not

·        This method beats PV efficiency by a large magnitude over the lifetime of the

·        Low heat energy sources other than solar can be utilized in this system.  

·        These power plants have a lifetime of hundreds of years.
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